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Lyrics de la track : Childhood\'s End

Obscured By Clouds

Pink floyd

You shout in your sleep
that's the price, it's just too steep
is your conscience at rest
it was put to the test
you awake with a start
just the beating of your heart
just one man beneath the sky
just two ears, just two eyes

You said, sail across the sea
long past thoughts and memories
childhood's end: your fantasies
merging harsh realities
and then as the sail is hoist
you'll find your eyes are growing moist
and all the fears never voiced
say you have to make the final choice

Who are you and who am I
to say we know the reason why
some are born, some men die
beneath one infinite sky
there'll be war and there'll be peace
but anything one day will cease
all the iron turn to rust
all the proud men turn to dust
so all things time will mend
so this song will end
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